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Do You Think The 'Knockout Game' Trend Among Urban Teens Is Racially Motivated?:

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PostHeaderIcon Portland: A protest against anti-White immigration organization


A group of people gathered in Portland on July 7th, around 9:30am to protest White Genocide outside of the entrance to the “Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization” (IRCO).

One sign remarked that “Diversity = White Genocide.“, while another sign informed people to “Google White Genocide“.

Margaret Malarkey, who works at IRCO as the community relations specialist said “We were concerned that our clients might be harassed,” Read more »

PostHeaderIcon FAR Activists In Action Against Illegal Immigration


FAR Boston 6/14

The recent import of thousands of illegal immigrants from the Third World and into our homeland inspired Free America Rally Activists to head out into the community and engage the public on the importance of reclaiming and safeguarding their Nation. Read more »

PostHeaderIcon WP Radio Welcomes Russ James To Their Broadcast

Read more »


PostHeaderIcon FAR Project Joins The White Man March


The sun rose to meet FAR Project activists on the morning of March 15th as they set out to contribute to the White Man March event that was organised by Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting. The activism started on the East Coast and spread West as groups of racially minded Americans came together to converge upon a single message. 

  Read more »


PostHeaderIcon WP Radio: Episode LXXXV

Read more »

PostHeaderIcon Remembering an Activist: Scott ‘Hedge’ Clarke


On the evening of January 16, 2014- longtime racialist and equality activist Scott ‘Hedge’ Clark was taken from this World before his time. Those who knew Scott, both personally and as an Activist, wish that he sits well at the hand of the Father and await our next meeting.

scott Read more »

PostHeaderIcon FAR Project Stands With Golden Dawn


Chrysi Avyi, Greece’s Golden Dawn, is a nationalist movement and party in Greece. They inspire nationalists throughout the world to act on our own behalf, as they have done. We owe them a great debt, in that Golden Dawn has showed us what is possible in our own countries.

We Stand With Golden Dawn! Read more »

PostHeaderIcon 'The Blitzkrieg Broadcast' Talks FAR Project Activism


The Blitzkrieg Broadcast is part of the Renegade Broadcasting family of shows.

Find the Renegade radio hosts over at Alternative Social Read more »

PostHeaderIcon Do You Think The 'Knockout Game' Trend Among Urban Teens Is Racially Motivated?

PostHeaderIcon WP Radio: Episode LXXIII

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PostHeaderIcon Anti Racist is a codeword for anti white alright!

Download this song here:



PostHeaderIcon FAR Project Activists Observe Red October

Red October FAR MA Read more »

PostHeaderIcon FAR Project Rallies Across The Nation

As the Sun rose across the Nation on the morning of September 28th, FAR Project activists continued their tradition of pro-American, pro-White activism and took to the streets to protest various social issues that have a negative impact upon the White community. From Boston Harbor to the California Coast and almost everywhere in between- FAR activists inspired a national dialog about amnesty, immigrant crime, and an ever expanding and oppressive government to a receptive audience that welcomed the activists into their communities.  Read more »

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