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What Is Your Opinion Of The 'Black Lives Matter' Demonstrations?:

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It would seem that some time around July 8th, The twitter account of Author and Fox News commentator Glenn Beck added a Tweet from this websites account to his "Favorites" list. This simple act of marking a 140 character statement, for reasons of his own, has stirred up a fire storm of activity from liberal bloggers. Swooping out of their parents basements- they used this addition of one of our promotional Tweets as an opportunity to once again label him as a "Racist".

Left leaning writers are liberally throwing around terms like "Neo-Nazi" and "Fascist" in hopes that the general public will make an association with those words to both Mr. Beck and the readers of this website. This lack of research and tendency to abandon journalistic integrity insults every member of the news/blogging community. After a single episode of Mr. Becks program, and a quick runthrough of this website- the viewer will quickly come to the conclusion that neither could be considered Neo-Nazi or Fascist. The information presented in Mr. Beck's daily news themed program could be considered to be from the Constitutional Conservative point of view, and this website offers opinion journalism and blogs from a White Nationalist viewpoint. Both of those journalistic disciplines are worlds apart from the labels that are trying to be attached to them.

In reading the press that is being generated over this, I see two reoccurring questions- Why did he favorite that particular tweet, and why would a White Nationalist site direct a tweet at him.

While I cant speak for the motivating actions behind our tweet ending up on Mr. Becks Twitter account, I can only make an educated guess that it was by mistake. I should also add that if you think Mr. Beck actually does the hands on administrating of that account, I should thank you for interrupting your busy schedule of licking the walls and pooping on yourself to read this blog- because you are obviously an idiot. Twitter has an unusual application as an effective tool for brand marketing, and one look at Beck's account proves that he's using it for just for that.

Twitters ability to reach out to specific demographics is also the motivating force behind this sites Twitter account using the @GlennBeck and #Beck hashtags. This isn't an attempt to infer that those who use the same tags or view those feeds endorse or practice the doctrine of White Nationalism- but rather its an attempt to make our literature available to them if they choose to read it. As the general public starts to view the main stream media as an unreliable resource, they are taking to the internet to reference "Second Source" or "Civilian Journalism" for reference material- and Twitter is an effective tool to market your information on.

When the Tweet was made- it wasn't directed to Mr. Beck as the individual- it was made to Glenn Beck as The Brand. I could only speculate that Mr. Beck is only himself in the few hours that he has alone with his family and those that are close to him. All other times- he represents "Glenn Beck" as the commercial entity that a person who has reached his level of exposure is forced to do. I can say with a high degree of certainty that the Tweet was favorited by "The Brand" for either reference or research use, and not by "The Individual" because I'm sure he has better things to read in his free time.

What if the "Looney Lefts" accusations are true? What if Mr. Beck actually did take his hand out of the jar of M&M's and use his own fingers to favorite that Tweet? An educated man weighs all sides of an issue before making an opinion on any given subject. I've seen a handful of his shows- and he seems to have a definitive stance on racism. Perhaps he flagged our tweet because this site provides, what could be considered to those unaware of the philosophy of White Nationalism, "Racist" material. There simply cannot be a negative word uttered by a thinking man about a person being well informed on a subject that he talks about. How dare he independently research something from source material, and not blindly accept the pre-packaged definition set forth by the Information Czar (or whoever is in charge at the Big Brother News Agency).

In closing- I feel it necessary to add that Mr. Beck makes an extremely poor White Nationalist, if at any time in the future he chooses to identify himself as one. And that statement comes from the mouth (or at least the keyboard) of an actual White Nationalist. He simply would not be accepted into our community. While we both may share common ideals as it applies to the liberty of the individual as absolute above the government, and that the free practice of our founding traditions need to be safeguarded- the similarities end there. Every time a "Racist" hears that claim thrown at Mr. Beck- he shake his head. We find it hilarious that the left is trying to "throw him at us" while we don't really even accept him in the first place.

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