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What Is Your Opinion Of The 'Black Lives Matter' Demonstrations?:

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PostHeaderIcon White Citizen Uses Nonlethal Force To Stop Black Carjackers, Jailed Without Bail

 Michael Weaver’s real crime? Passing out flyers advocating for White civil rights. As the article states, bloodthirsty local law enforcement agents, allied with an over-aggressive prosecutor, are “out for blood” as one person close to the case has described their witchhunt against the National Alliance supporter. They were angry at him for having politically incorrect ideas. They were angry with him for distributing patriotic literature which their Jewish, Black, and Mexican bosses didn’t want the White citizens of Georgia to read. Michael’s literature distributions, regardless of the impression which the controlled media tries to convey to the sheeple who are afraid to express any unpopular opinion, were not illegal. Neither were his political views, as we do still have a first amendment in this country, at least officially. But when, as Michael states, two Black males attempted to carjack his car in the increasingly violent, crime-ridden, majority black area of Georgia where he lives, Michael chose to resist. Rather than giving up his car voluntarily as the anti-White police tell you to do, he fought back, though outnumbered, and during the ensuing scuffle in which he manfully defended his life and his property, one of his Black attackers may have gotten sprayed with some Mace type chemical deterrent.

In a healthier, more sane society, men like Michael Weaver would be treated as a hero.  His restraint in not shooting both negros in the face and leaving them there for the trash collectors to pick up in the morning would be seen as a mark of great restraint. He would be rewarded for his courage, not only on that particular night against vicious black thugs who tried to stop his car to steal it or even to rob and murder him, but for his ongoing courage in attempting to awaken his fellow White citizens to the dangers which nonWhites pose. However, in this insane, upside down, corrupt world, it is for that courage that he is being prosecuted. The government bureaucrats, the corrupt lawyers like Senior Assistant District Attorney Don Kelly, who must fervently hope that all of his grandchildren will be mullatos, and the cowardly, negro-loving cops and detectives who pushed the prosecution, all know that black behavior cannot be remediated. They know that these primates cannot be civilized. They know that, in fact, Founding Father Thomas Jefferson was quite right in saying that blacks and Whites cannot live under the same government. What they also know, of course, is that they can never be allowed to speak the truth openly, and noone else can, either. Their job at this point is not to enforce the law, it is merely to try to keep the lid held down on the racial pressure cooker which inevitably will lead to the balkanization of America in a racial civil war. What they should also know, is that when that day does come, White people wherever they go will remember who they are, and what they did, before the serious bloodletting began.  On that day, their suits, their courts, their badges, and their titles will not save them from the righteous fury of a White America which has finally had enough of traitors and collaborators with our racial enemies.

Until that day, make sure to follow the case of Michael Weaver. Spread his story on message boards, internet forums, chat rooms, and comment sections of news stories everywhere. Call Georgia media outlets and express your opinion on the story, before they are able to sweep it under the rug. Our enemies thrive on apathy, laziness, and cowardice. Let’s show them something else, this time.

Michael Weaver, P.O.W.

For those who wish to help Michael Carothers, also known as Michael Weaver, in providing for his criminal defense, please make sure that all checks or money orders sent are made out to Michael Carothers, not to Michael Weaver, so they can be processed.  Background information on his case can be read by clicking HERE. Paypal donations can be made directly to:

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