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What Is Your Opinion Of The 'Black Lives Matter' Demonstrations?:

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PostHeaderIcon The Effects Of Racism


You cant turn on the television or pick up a newspaper these days without somebody insisting that something is Racist. Supposedly the Tea Party attendees are racist, those who would like to see our National border secured are racist, even  scientific references to "Black Holes" in a greeting card are construed as racist. It would seem that racism is all around us.

The dictionary partially defines "Racism" as A belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various Human races determine individual or cultural achievement. When you apply this to the animal kingdom- you arrive at the widely accepted notion of "Evolution" or at least "Natural Selection". This idea of natures differences propelling one faction of a spices above another is taught as fact to children all over this country, and is the subject of countless thesis's that have been published in numerous scientific journals. The idea of Evolution and Natural Selection not only applies to our furry little friends in the animal world- but to the development of the Human species as well.

So what are the true effects of Racism on the individual? I can only speak for myself in this regard. Each person is free to adopt whatever personal philosophy they choose to live by. This can observed in some, especially if they "Wear Their Politics On Their Sleeve"- and yet with others, it is hidden from view and doesn't become apparent until after one person gets better acquainted with another.

Myself- I'm with the "Politics On Their Sleeve" crowd. I don't hide the fact that my interest in my cultures survival define me as a person. Almost every act is dedicated to the idea that I am the product of the sacrifices that those before me made, and its my duty to honor them by perpetuating the ideals that were passed down through tradition to me. I fully believe that I stem from a unique culture, and that culture deserves to stand alone as a distinct entity- and not fall victim to the disastrous consequences of multiculturalism.

But what are the effects of living a lifestyle governed by that doctrine? What has living a life of "Racism" gotten me?

To be absolutely honest- it has pushed me further, and made me become a stronger person than I could have ever imagined myself to be. The philosophy of racism has instilled within me a strong sense of identity. Racism has led me to explore my family's past, lending to me a sense of "Where Ive Been"- and as the old saying goes- "You Don't Know Where Your Going- If You Don't Know Where You've Been". Racism has taught me to honor my family- they are the closest link I have to my history, and it is because of their effort and achievement that I am here today. Believe it or not- racism has taught me the true meaning of "Love". I used the term True Meaning because it isn't the type of love motivated by consumerism and greed, but rather by honesty within ones self, and a deep sense of loyalty to those who are close to me.

A life or racism has led me to not only develop myself emotionally- but mentally and physically as well. The constant thirst for knowledge is the hallmark of the Aryan, and I drink its nectar with enthusiasm! I am currently in the process of attaining my degree, and soak up every bit of information that comes my way. This drive to constantly better myself stems from the philosophy of racism- to be the best example of my people that I can be.

The drive to maintain a favorable physicality is also driven by my ideal of racism. Where once I was an out of shape man of about three hundred pounds- I now stand before you trim and tight, driven also by the "Racist" idea of becoming the ultimate example of my Folk. Today, I am leaner, healthier, and better developed- all due to racism.

So- it has been proven by example that a life of "Racism" (as lived by those who actually welcome the label) has led to a stronger person- both in mind, body, and spirit. Racism motivates- it pushes the individual. It instills a sense of pride, belonging, and responsibility that leaves little option than to transform the practitioner of its ideology into the best person they could possibly be.

So- if you were to ask me "What Are The Effects Of Racism"? I would be forced to answer "The development of the individual beyond their wildest dreams. You should look into it"



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