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What Is Your Opinion Of The 'Black Lives Matter' Demonstrations?:

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PostHeaderIcon The Curse Of The "Net Nazi"

If somebody with "mainstream" political views stumbles across a WN forum, what are they likely to find?


Will they find a selection of news articles under-reported by the mainstream media, or not reported at all? It's likely that they will, and this might hopefully spark some interest in the WN viewpoint, which may or may not lead to more open support.


Will they find a source of intelligent debate, and an arena in which their political views are open to a genuine challenge? The answer, I would say, is generally yes, leading to the extraordinary revelation that, contrary to popular belief, WNs are NOT maniacs intent on kidnapping every non-White person they see and sacrificing them on the shrine to Hitler (complete with Nazi-era poster) that they've built in their garage.


However, will the unlucky reader pick a random WN forum, and wade head-first into "debate" like this?


"The Holocaust NEVER happened - do some reading. All the people who say it did are just following the Jews' agenda"


"Is (insert name of celebrity) a Jew? He/she looks it"


"I'm a true WN - I name the Jew" (they tend to leave out "often incorrectly")


"Brazilians ARE NOT White!" (you could swap Brazil for any country in South America in this particular statement)


If you hadn't already guessed - welcome to the world of the "Net Nazi".


Virtually every WN forum in existence will have its own resident population, whether they're known as the "hardliners", "extremists", the "not one drop" wing, call them what you will. In many cases, they tend to be a highly visible presence on forums.


They also tend to be an acutely embarrassing presence, as well.


This sector of the movement is the first place the mainstream media looks when a journalist is itching to write a "violent neo-Nazi" article. They also occasionally enjoy conspiracy theories so wild even the "Moon landing was a hoax" brigade laugh at them, and if they had the funds, I'm sure there would be an attempt to extract Hitler's DNA and create a human clone of him.

As strange as they might seem, all of the slightly odder "Net Nazi" tendencies would be mitigated if they were a genuine benefit to the movement.


The fact is - they're not.


Many of them advocate racial purity laws so severe even Hitler probably would have fallen foul of them - yet when was the last time a "Net Nazi" took a DNA test to make sure of the "100% White" heritage they so proudly boast about?


Then, there are those who look on "the masses" with disdain - how many times have you seen "sheeple" used on forums? - but just where do they think the sheer numbers of votes will come from? The WN movement as it stands is simply not strong enough to elect politicians under its' own steam - securing the popular vote is Politics 101. Even so, there are still those who think that committed WNs rallying behind one candidate will be enough to sweep them to power.


They might want to take a look at a historical example, where a mere 6.5% of the vote and just 32 seats were won in the German elections of 1924. The party in question? The NSDAP.


The most unfortunate trait of all, though, is that many "Net Nazis" seem to revel in their own ignorance, and in any other scenario, they would just be dismissed as a "lunatic fringe". The problem is that WN politics is unlike every other scenario, because mainstream political opinion wants to knock us down at every turn - if one sector of the movement come across as ignorant idiots, then we're all tarred as ignorant idiots. The argument often turns here into "David Duke wore a suit and had a respectable image, and STILL didn't secure many votes" - as if a candidate wearing an ill-fitting SS uniform from the fancy dress shop who blames every problem since the Biblical flood on the Jews somehow magically will?!


Far too many WN forums can sometimes have the feel of lunatics running the asylum. WNs KNOW how much the mainstream media loves a good "Dumb Nazi" story - so WHY do we keep supplying the ammunition?


I am sure that a proportion of "Net Nazis" genuinely believe in the  greater WN movement and want its success. If you do, PLEASE try looking at the bigger, more realistic picture - the "Hitler = pure evil" connection has been fed to the public for so long that it will probably never be shaken off, no matter how many examples of movements like Stalinism, the Gulag, the Khmer Rouge and the North Korean regime are used to counteract it.


If, however, you are the kind of person who wants to appear "hardcore", yet thinks "Mein Kampf" is Rammstein's new single, and the only Order you've ever been involved in was placed with your local pizza takeaway, then you are NOT NEEDED. While I'm aware that "shock value" can be used as an attraction - Skrewdriver's "When The Boat Comes In" was the first WN song I ever heard (having found it by typing "nigger" into Napster, I'll admit) - once the shock wears off, are you going to look for more substance, or will you be stuck at that first stage, not realising the damage that certain aspects of the movement can cause when we want to be taken seriously? Grinded Nig, anyone?


Virtually everyone knows of the infamous "Arbeit Macht Frei" slogan, but if I had to choose an alternative to reflect White Nationalism today, then it would be "Unterricht Macht Frei" - "education makes you free", as It's through education, intelligent debate and clever campaigning - basically, everything our opponents DON'T want to associate with us - that White Nationalism will start to grow.

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PostHeaderIcon "Then, there are those who

"Then, there are those who look on "the masses" with disdain - how many times have you seen "sheeple" used on forums? - but just where do they think the sheer numbers of votes will come from?"Isn't voting how we got into the mess in the forst place? Who said anything about voting?

PostHeaderIcon Impressive article! I'm a

Impressive article! I'm a regular poster on Stormfront (same username) and I have to say, you hit the nail in the head perfectly. This problem is commonplace within White Nationalism, and contributes greatly to the continued marginalization of the whole movement. I've long told people not to feed the media ammunition for their propaganda against us, but it always falls on deaf ears (unsurprisingly).

Anyway, great work with this article. The truth needed to be told.

PostHeaderIcon "WNs KNOW how much the

"WNs KNOW how much the mainstream media loves a good "Dumb Nazi" story - so WHY do we keep supplying the ammunition?"

I like your honesty. It must be so disheartening to realise that the vast majority of your ranks are stupid. A thorough survey of forums does indeed reveal this to be the case. There is a simple reason for this. Your hateful philosophy is akin to a virus and a good host must not build up any resistance with self reflection and critical thinking skills. Therefore the best hosts are under educated and militantly proud of their ignorance.

PostHeaderIcon Dear "Anonymous",I have

Dear "Anonymous",

I have always had profound respect for anyone (of any race, or religion) who stands up for their beliefs, especially when their comments are as well-reasoned and thoughtful as yours. However I feel I must point out one of the reasons some of us align ourselves with the WN movement. Not all within our ranks are hateful. Daily we look around us and see "Black Pride", "Latino Pride", "Gay Pride", etc. All of these are "politically correct" and looked at with respect and encouragement by mainstream society (as well they should!). But the simple mention of "White Pride" conjurs images of racist hatemongers out to destroy polite society. Many of us within the WN movement simply want the same respect for our race that others are afforded for their race. Granted, there are far too many extremeists within our ranks. Those are the demons that we must deal with ourselves. But we should all be allowed to have pride in our culture, as long as we also accept responsibility for any transgressions committed by our race. If we tout the good, we must also acknowledge the bad. I'm not trying to speak for all within the WN movement....only for myself and some others I know. Again, I like and respect what you had to say. I wish you nothing but peace and contentment in your life. (I'm not trying to be funny, either. I'm actually sincere. It's something we should all be able to find in life.) Garry

PostHeaderIcon so true. the average wn is

so true. the average wn is barely able to count to 14.

PostHeaderIcon Ouch!


PostHeaderIcon Comrades - while the internet

Comrades - while the internet provides an excellent forum for information exchanges it is NOT the end game. If it helps in the survival of our Folk then it is good. If it does not then it is bad. Simple as that. 

I appreciate all that have the courage and the strength to actively work for our Folk. All of the ways that we can assist each other to "grow" our sense of tribe, of blood is paramount. We must raise our people's awarenes of their blood as a bond. Our race is our nation. Let us reach out to all of our brothers and sisters and unite under the blood flag and march, in cadence, toward victory - TOGETHER!

For Family, Folk, and Party!



PostHeaderIcon White people need to feel the

White people need to feel the paoin of discrimination.

PostHeaderIcon White people need to feel the

White people need to feel the paoin of discrimination.

Wow. You almost got ten whole words out without making a spelling error. Yell

PostHeaderIcon The thing is, you don´t have

The thing is, you don´t have to supply the media with a "dumb nazi story". If  they need one, they will simply make one up. It´s the way of the lying jew.

PostHeaderIcon So you are saying you AFFIRM

So you are saying you AFFIRM the Holocaust? How is AFFIRMING the lie known as the Holocaust helping our movement?