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PostHeaderIcon The Wars Of Religion Will Lose Us The Greater Battle

For years, there seems to have been constant speculation from both pro and anti-WN sources as to why White Nationalism hasn't been able to make the jump from a fringe, "protest vote" style movement, to a point where it becomes a major part of the political landscape. As things stand, the ideology has at least progressed from the "tiny lunatic fringe" level to the extent that it can now at least pose a threat to the so-called mainstream parties in certain scenarios (such as in the recent Finnish elections), but I've yet to see political commentators in any country repeatedly having to ask the question, "So, how many seats are the WNs going to win THIS time?"


Anti-WN commentators, leaving aside the worthless contributors who do nothing but bleat about how "racist", "evil" and "hurtful" we all are, seem to paint a picture of the WN movement as existing in its own insular little world, utterly convinced the "movement" is much bigger than it really is, filled with organisations celebrating how much their membership has grown, even if 99% of these "new" members are in fact WNs already, who've just decided to leave one small grouping for another.

Pro-WN contributors, meanwhile, wrestle with the various different "styles" that White Nationalism has adopted, and it seems every attempt to tackle perceived problems just throws up a new set of challenges and questions. Does the use of Hitler/Nazi symbolism need to be modified or dropped completely? Does the skinhead side of WN ultimately help or harm the movement? Should WN organisations be in contact with the mainstream media? Can a WN organisaton ever take power under a party political system? I'm sure people who read this post can think of 100 more questions to ask.


However, there's one particular section of WN thought that, wherever and whenever you run across it, is guaranteed to be a hotbed of division and argument.

And on the eighth day God created...the WN forum "Theology" section.


It always strikes me as slightly ironic that the most passionate, heated debates and vicious slanging matches occur not in Opposing Views sections, but in areas for forum members, among people who you would have imagined had shared ideological goals.


Now, I'm not a religious person, and I really can't be bothered reading yet another 30-page, 500-post thread that effectively boils down to "my God's bigger than your God", but the problem is that this issue exposes a fault line in White Nationalism that we arguably can't afford to have.

The first, most obvious, problem is that it makes a mockery of trying to act as a united front, which we're going to need for the movement to progress beyond the stage It's at now. We constantly see the political damage done by WN parties fielding candidates against each other and splitting the vote - do we really need religion as another "splitter" that ultimately hinders our growth?


The second problem is what happens to the longer-term goals that certain WN factions wish to see achieved. Are we potentially going to have a situation where instead of a healthy WN media scene, you instead have Christian Identity, Odinist and secular elements all seeking to attack each other?


Are we potentially going to have a split within movements like PLE where religion becomes the basis for community building just as much as race?


Are we going to have a situation where new political movements and parties choose to form along religious as well as ideological lines? The British National Party, to use an example, constantly faces an uphill struggle when fighting elections - can you imagine a scenario in which you've got the BNP (Odinist) and BNP (British-Israel) fighting against each other? Then we really WOULD go back in time to when White Nationalism was seen by the mainstream as a joke movement!


If you think the example I've posted above sounds fairly ludicrous, I would urge you to take a look at the Communist scene, and take note of the myriad of splits that have occurred and the sheer number of parties all jealously guarding their own little slice of left-wing territory. There's a good chance you will have never come across the vast majority of the groups you discover before - which gives you a good idea of how pathetically ineffective and unknown they are, and why It's important for White Nationalism to not go down the same destructive road.


White Nationalism has, with some very obvious exceptions, mainly been a minor political movement, and the bile spewed out against it by the mainstream media has led to an "us against the world" mentality - but how can we ever hope to succeed when most of "us" are seemingly happy to attack each other?! 

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PostHeaderIcon WN groups are outlawed in

WN groups are outlawed in Canada . This come under hate crimes, which are illegal

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