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What Is Your Opinion Of The 'Black Lives Matter' Demonstrations?:

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PostHeaderIcon Is White Pride Truly "Worldwide"?

Go to any overtly WN website, distro, record label or forum, and somewhere you are bound to come across the slogan "White Pride World Wide". It's a statement of identity and of intent, yet I'd argue that the slogan isn't really thought about as deeply as it should be.


The vast majority of WNs can quote the 14 Words by heart, no doubt some can give you the full list of 88 Precepts as well, yet when it comes to a four-word slogan (or three, if you want to be pedantic), there seems to be a strange "blind spot" in the movement.

The idea of White unity and sharing a common bond is certainly a very attractive one - it is, after all, the same kind of message that other racial and ideological groupings have also pushed (although their versions are strangely never "offensive" or "racist"), and you'd think that a certain amount of progress would have been made in achieving this, but it seems the WN movement's seemingly endless talent for infighting and causing division stops this from becoming a reality.


The fact is that Whites are spread all over the globe, living in an array of different cultures (including many where we are DEFINITELY the racial minority), and an equally diverse range of political systems, from the (supposedly) free speech of the USA, to the "liberal vs. liberal" choice offered in Norway, or the tribalism masquerading as a Parliament that we see in South Africa. Yet, it seems there are some sections of the WN movement who can't seem to understand that a "non-White" country does NOT necessarily mean that there are no Whites living there!


All the time there seems to be lazy stereotyping of just which countries are "supposed" to be White. Just because the vast majority of Brazilians are Black or mixed-race, doesn't mean White Brazilians don't exist. Just because the vast majority of Mexicans are Mestizo, doesn't mean that White Mexicans don't exist, and just because most of the Caribbean is darker than the bottom of a coal mine, doesn't mean there are no White people in that region.


This stereotyping can also extend to the political arena. Some would argue the Caribbean is a lost cause because It's full of White liberals - if you were raised in an overwhelmingly Black culture, in an ethnic group whose percentage can be counted in single figures, wouldn't it be difficult NOT to turn out that way?

The struggle faced by Southern Brazil to secede from the rest of the country is another problem - how do you achieve this politically against a stack of non-White opponents, many of whom worship left-wing figres such as ex-President Lula like a God, while your nearest allies, North American Whites, are engaging themselves on forums shooting down anyone who dares to suggest Brazil is in any way a White country?

Imagine I had never been to America, in fact, I'd hardly heard of it (a bit of a stretch, but there's a point to this). I'm shown footage of Harlem, South Central LA and Miami's Little Haiti, and I'm asked, who lives in America?

The obvious answer would be that the USA is an overwhelmingly Black country, and I can't be sure if Whites live there at all - I would, of course, be very wrong. In the same way, just bcause Mexico is associated in American minds with a never-ending torrent of Mestizos heading north, or the focus in Brazil is mainly on Amazon Indians, the black north-east, or the mixed major cities, doesn't mean that Whites cannot and do not exist there.


Even where Whites are in a much stronger position, national interest rears its head. Think of the European Parliament, where nationalist parties can't seem to agree on anything, while the Socialist and Communist factions enjoy watching the far-right tear itself to pieces. Think of how northern and southern Italians will constantly go over old grievances, while yet another boatload of Africans turns up on Lampedusa. Think of how Irish republicans still live as though It's 1916, blaming Britain for whatever they can, while their beloved Republic of Ireland gradually grows darker. Think of the UK, where the country is in a mess, yet nobody can be bothered to protest at hearing how yet more millions are being sent in aid to Africa, India or China.


Finally, think of this. Whenever you see or read the news regarding racial issues, you always hear reference to the "Black community", "Asian community" "Jewish community" and so on.


When was the last time we actually stood together as the "White community"?

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